It just wouldn't be a proper home theater site without an equipment list, so here is what's coming:

Sony G90 9" CRT Projector.
The centerpiece of the home theater, unsurpassed video excellence.

Stewart StudioTek 130, 96" wide screen

Custom built HTPC for video processing and DVD playback:

Intel Pentium 4, 1.8GHz, 512K Cach, 400 MHz FSB, Socket 478

ASUS P42533 Motherboard, 4x AGP, SiS Chipset

IBM 40GB, 7200 RPM Mode 60GXP, Ultra ATA100

256MB Crucial PC2700 DDR
ATI 9700 Pro, AGP, with Mike Parker MP-1 Mod (Smokin')
Black ATX form factor case, 300W PS
Airboard by Liteon IR keyboard with integrated mouse

Panasonic, Black, 3.5", 1.44MB floppy disk drive

Premium teflon true ATA133/100 HDD cables

Pioneer 106S Slot loading DVD-Rom drive, 16x

M-Audio Delta DIO 24/96 Audiophile sound card

Theater Tek DVD playback software

Audio/Video Equipment:

Lexicon MC-1 Pre/Pro

Parasound HCA 1000 Amp (Sub)

Parasound HCA 5 Channel Amp

Bassis LFE Equalizer

Xantech IR control System

Pronto Pro Remote

JVC  DV-HU30000 D-VHS Deck

Custom DIY "Proteus" 7.1 Speakers

Extron System 8 Video Switcher

Philips Pronto Pro Remote

Inday Component Video Switch