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Buttered Electrical Box
(Buttered with USG Acoustic Caulk)
Ceiling Box
Ceiling box for mounting light fixtures w/o compromising acoustic envelope
Ceiling Boxes Installed
Ceiling boxes installed
Floating joist close up.

For details on the floating ceiling construction, see these links: Ceiling1, Ceiling2.
Digging a hole for a beam support footing
Floating Joist Close Up
Front and side walls insulated, waiting for drywall
front and side walls insulated
Installed electrical box
Installed electrical box
left wall framing
Left wall framing
New beam installed
New beam going in
Long shot of new beam
New footing poured and ready
new footing
New footing ready to be poured
New joists, part of floating ceiling
Old Beam
Old beam, its days are numbered
Old beam coming out
Old beam coming out
Old beam vs new
Old beam vs. new
Old beam
Old beam
Old playroom
Old playroom
Sand drying
Some new joists
Stage decking going down
stage section close up
Stage close up
Stage decking going down
Some new joists in the floating ceiling
Sand drying in the stage base
Steel support beam replacement:
New beam going in
Floating Ceiling Construction and Frame Up:
Electrical Rough In:
Stage Construction:
Gallery Pages:
Page 1 - Beam replacement, framing and stage
Page 2 - Drywall, insulation, and G90 arrival
Page 3 - Speaker Building
Page 4 - Screenwall, Racks, and Doors
Stage Deck Sandwich
Close up of stage decking, showing plywood and tar paper layers.

Link to stage construction document.
Power Panel
Power Conduit
Power Cables
These are the cables (2/0 + ground)...
...that go in the conduit (1-1/2" rigid PVC)...
...that lead to the panel that Ted built. (150A Mains)
The area in the basement where I want to build the theater is currently occupied by a support pole for the current steel I-beam that supports the floors above.  To remove the pole required that the  I-beam be replaced with a heavier one that does not require as much support.