Home Theater Constuction Pictures:
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The arrival.
G90 in van
And it even works!  Zero hours on the tubes.
First projected images showing zero hours on CRT's
Checking out the G90
Looks like a G90, feels like a G90....
(is that a 4-gun CRT, or just Ted's head)
Close up of projector
Must be a G - 9 - 0!
Drywall on walls
Drywall up on the walls, the ceiling is next!
Conduits in ceiling
2" conduit to projector location for control and video
Unpacking the G90
Unpacking the G90
Drywall and Insulation:
Sony G90 Projector Arrives:
Gallery Pages:
Page 1 - Beam replacement, framing and stage
Page 2 - Drywall, insulation, and G90 arrival
Page 3 - Speaker Building
Page 4 - Screenwall, Racks and Doors
Stage complete
Stage Complete
Building Soffits:
Beam Soffit
Another view of beam soffit
Soffit construction
Spax screws
Detail of soffit around new steel beam.  Looking from behind the screen wall.
Soffit around beam and duct work.  Soffit face will be constructed of 1" high density fiber board.  Duct will be covered with 1" duct insulation board.
Detail of soffit on other side of the theater.  This soffit will be completed with 5/8" drywall only, since it is entirely within the room envelope.
Long view of soffit.  Conduits for speaker cables will run here.  Entire space will be insulation filled.
The best construction screws ever.  Deep screw head, strong, and has serrated threads.
View from back of theater, 12-7-02
Detail of wall construction
Outside in 12-7-02
Rack area
Storage area
Into storage, with the screen, theater seats, GOM fabric, and everything else.  A good place to get inspiration to finish the theater.
View from inside out
Headed towards the theater door.
The area where the equipment rack will be mounted, adjacent to the theater entrance
View from the door to the front of the theater.  The screen is a mock up to check size, as is the platform.  The chairs are all I could afford after building this room.
Headed back out the door.  Graphik Eye rough in on the right.
Wall construction detail. Shows double walls isolated from each other, insulation and double 5/8" drywall.
Conduits In Soffit
Soffits around duct and beam
Soffit Inspector
Conduits for speaker cables installed in soffit with insulation to eliminate resonance and vibration.
Long view of conduits and soffit framing.  Ted the Theater Builder added for scale.
Soffit around duct work and beam.  This duct will have insulating board applied and the soffit will be built from high density MDF.
Doors and Floors:
Acoustic Door
MDF underside of the right soffit that encloses the duct work.  Screw heads will be filled with joint compound and sanded smooth.
Steel frame for acoustic door and door seal.  Door assembly has an STC rating of 51.  Door has 3 lead sheets inside and is way heavy.  More mass = less sound transmission.
Framing for the raised platform at the rear of the theater.  Since the entrance is also raised, it gives the impression that the front of the theater is sunken.
Front of framing for the platform.  The conduits are for bass shaker installation in the seats.
Equipment rack,  recycled from duty in a computer equipment room.  Very solid.
G90 Mounting Bracket
G90 Side View
Chief mount installed on theater ceiling.  Bracket is mounted to a 3/4" plywood board that is lagged to the ceiling joists.
Mounted and leveled, side view.
Rear view showing my CCE Belden 1694A and Canare RGBHV Cable.
Projector was lifted into place by five men, not an easy job since the projector mount is over eight feet up.  I'm glad to have it mounted and operational!