How to build a home theater in 1,856 easy steps!
This site is here to share my home theater building experience.  Take your time and look around...
9/15/05   General Site Updates and link fixes.
12/10/04 Theater trim complete, pics coming...
1/26/04  New pics of Eq Rack, Screen Wall plus Screen Shots.
1/19/04  Equipment List Update, stand by for nearly  finished pics!
9/26/03  We are watching movies!!!  Still have plenty of work to do...
8/24/03  Speakers complete and G90 Mounted! More updates soon!
6/1/03    Update Speaker Building and added Gallery 4, take a look!
4/15/03  Added Speaker Building Page in the Gallery.
3/27/03  Added Floors 'n Doors to Gallery 2.
2/18/03  Added drawings to Whitepapers and updated Links.
12/30/02 Added soffit pictures to Gallery 2.
12/20/02 Added a Screen Wall Plan to Whitepapers.
12/8/02 Gallery pictures updated.
11/7/02  Added a duct isolation document to Whitepapers.
10/23/02 Added second Gallery page, G90 arrives, and G90 page.
9/6/02    Added stage document to Whitepapers.
8/15/02  Gallery is up. Check it out!
8/14/02  Site pops into existence!

Last update: August 15, 2006